Friday, June 14, 2013

Chocolate "Wow" Milk

Did you ever want to have a fresh glass of Chocolate Milk without all the hassles of using a blender or stirring with a spoon and without the messy clean up? Now you can with your very own Wow Cup. Simply poor milk into the Wow Cup, add your favorite chocolate syrup (or any flavored syrup or powder), close the Wow Cup firmly with it's spill free drinking lid and Shake, Shake, Shake. While shaking hold the Wow Cup straight up and down and shake evenly up and down. In a few shakes your chocolate milk is ready to drink. Just tilt the cup back and drink from the spill free edge. No need to remove any covers, or push any buttons, or twist any levers. Just shake and drink. How simple is that?
Wow Cup for Kids...Worry Free, Hassle Free, and best of all, Spill Free.

Watch our video to see how easy it is to make Chocolate "Wow" Milk using your Wow Cup for Kids.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wow Cup for Kids Now at Bed Bath & Beyond

Wow Cup for Kids 9 ounce cups are now available at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores nationwide in the USA. 

The Wow Cup for Kids is featured in each store in a Wow Cup for Kids 6-piece display. The display is in the promotional product section at the front of the stores near the checkout area.

Wow Cup for Kids Features a 360° EVEN-SEAL drinking edge! 
No spouts, levers or buttons!

• 360° Drink Edge: Drink anywhere 
   from the Uni-Flow  drinking edge.
• Spill Free: Spills are virtually eliminated 
    by our patented automatic EVEN-SEAL
   technology. No more messy spills!
• No Spouts, Levers or Buttons:
   Drink through gentle sucking.
• BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free:
   100% guaranteed food safe materials.
• Dishwasher Safe:
   Clean all parts safely & easily.
• Fun & Easy to Use: Kids of all ages
   find the Wow Cup® simple to use
   and lots of fun!

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